Current Threat Level: SUBSTANTIAL
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Theft in and around wind farms has become increasingly problematic and troublesome with organised gangs targeting cabling, turbines, plant machinery and heavy generators. Determined and at times unremitting, criminals have caused havoc for wind farms providers resulting in costly delays and negative publicity.

At Cobra we specialise in providing round the clock security in and around wind farms, with security being tiered to meet customer requirements. We understand the absolute and unequivocal importance in deterring criminal activity and provide both high profile and low-key security.

Turbine towers are targets for theft during the construction phase and at existing wind farms. Thieves scavenge wind-farm sites looking for copper and construction equipment. Understanding the threats and incorporating security measures can reduce theft and decrease losses for wind-farm developers and owners.

Most wind-farm theft occurs during a waiting period prior to installation. Copper in wire is a high-profit material. Prices increase as the copper market fluctuates and so does the number of thefts. Thieves break into a tower through the access door, hooking chains to all the wiring, and yanking it out with a pick-up truck. Thieves also target construction equipment. That is why protection starts prior to construction.

Cobra recently provided Security to the Boundary Lane and Wandylaw wind farms in Northumberland.