Current Threat Level: SUBSTANTIAL
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Shale Gas Exploration


Cobra provides bespoke solutions to physically protect valuable assets including critical national infrastructure. Our management can liaise and formulate a plan to provide a complete package for your specific requirements. Threats and risks can be significantly reduced by correct implementation of threat assessments and practical physical security measures to ensure the safety and security of your assets and personnel.

We select our personnel for their experience and professionalism to ensure the protection and safety of all our clients.

Fracking is a notoriously divisive activity that continues to be met with widespread dissent from special interest groups, Shale gas development, like the rest of the oil and gas industry, has security high on its agenda. Notwithstanding the usual threats experienced by the sector - fracking continues to be met with protest in several regions.                                                           

We offer a combination of practical military and commercial methods that have the desired outcome of achieving cost effective results with minimum disruption and publicity.   At Cobra, our operatives specialise in identifying security and safety risks that are considered a threat to your operation.   We will determine through assessment what your security requirements are and formulate a protective solution which will mitigate and control risks and threats to site.


Cobra operatives regularly secure facilities, including remote sites where traditional welfare facilities are not available.