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After a long day in the office do you really want to have to go back there, just because your alarm is ringing? Do you really need the hassle of dealing with false alarms, vandalism or even theft in the early hours of the morning?   

Alternatively you can leave it to us and sleep easy at night entrusting these duties to a team of reliable trusted and SIA licensed security professionals.  Cobra Security Services Ltd is an independent keyholding and alarm response specialist.  We provide a highly effective professional service operating to British Standard 7984:2008 - Keyholding and Response Services Code of Practice.     

We provide immediate response whenever an alarm is activated and we are contacted by your alarm company.  We will investigate the cause, rectify whenever possible and secure your property and in most cases without having to disturb you. 

How the service works

In the event of alarm activation at your premises the experienced personnel at our secure facility would take the call from the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) on your behalf.    Upon receipt of the call we would issue the duty response officer with the keys for your premises, together with assignment instructions previously written in conjunction with you during our initial survey of your premises.

Our response officer would then be dispatched immediately to your premises.  Upon arrival the response officer would if applicable, conduct an external patrol of your premises. If on arrival, the premises exhibit signs of intrusion, then police assistance would be sought and the premises would only be entered while accompanied by a police officer. 

Assuming that there is no sign of break-in and the exterior of your premises looks to be in order, the response officer would enter the building in accordance with the written instructions.  The response officer would then proceed to the building alarm panel and silence alarm if it was sounding off, taking note of any activated zones displayed on the keypad.   

The response officer would then examine the activated zones attempting to establish the cause of the activation.  If possible the problem would be rectified and the alarm system would be reset thereby securing the premises.  If the alarm system cannot be reset we would contact your alarm company for an out of hours engineer to repair the fault.  At no time would your premises be left unattended or vulnerable.

Once we have secured your premises a written report would be produced for your attention and a copy retained by us for our records.   The report would detail the arrival time of our response officer, what we found, what we did about it and when we departed.  

Once final checks are complete our response officer would return the keys to the secure facility where they would be signed back in, resealed and held for safe keeping.  On the next working day, during normal business hours a member of our operational management team would contact you to follow up on the report and ensure we delivered the service to your satisfaction.