Current Threat Level: SUBSTANTIAL
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The energy and water industry is vital to the UK economy, directly contributing more than £34 billion each year. Companies invest heavily in renewable energy and continue to face significant challenges as they try to keep prices fair whilst providing secure supplies and meeting a number of environmental target.

Cobra has over 20 years experience in the provision of a full range of security services at various locations, from corporate head office buildings, through to high risk service reservoirs and waste water treatment works, we have worked with a number of leading water and energy companies, adapting our services to their specific security requirements.

Cobra understands the vulnerabilities present in the UK’s critical national infrastructure and we recognise the need for strict security procedures and health and safety requirements.  Our fully trained and experienced officer’s help to combat security threats; protecting people, property and assets across these high risk environments.
A number of our security personnel have been trained in the National Water Hygiene Course.   Along with the utilities industry, we recognise the ever growing security issues and specific threats faced by businesses operating in these highly technical and critical environments.